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Where to buy the best water filtration system on the market

First, before sharing the place where you can get yourself informed and where you can buy the filtration system, you should learn about your needs and you should establish your budget. Are you going to need a smaller water filtration system or are you going for a larger system that will cover your whole house? Which type of water filtration system do you need?

At this time, I should probably warn you that tap the water could be harmful to the body because of the toxic substances that are found inside. Depending on the area you live in, the water can contain the following contaminants: Chlorine – a substance that can form harmful compounds; Sediment – invisible to the naked eye but dangerous to your kidneys; Giardia and Crypstosporidium – a group of parasites that can cause various gastrointestinal diseases. These parasites can survive in chlorinated water due to their hard shell. They are over 1 micron in size, but don’t worry. A proper water filtration system can remove fine sediments, even of 1 micron. In the tap water you can also find lead – a substance that could cause neurological diseases in children and various kidney problems and high blood pressure in adults.

So, once you decide on what you need, you can proceed and buy the water filtration system that’s perfect for your family. It will bring pure water to your glass and it will probably help you save some many on the way, but you will also save some time. I mean, you don’t need to go to the supermarket and carry those heavily bottles to your house. Also, you could free up some space around the house, since you will no longer be needing the storage space that was reserved for storing the water bottles before buying the filtration system.

Best places to buy the best water filtration system
If you would ask me to recommend a great place to get a water filtration then I will have to recommend the local store in your nearby area. But why dunk deep into cold waters when you can test them before the jump? Maybe my metaphors are not great, but you get the idea. Don’t waste your money on the first water filtration system that you see. Instead of that, you should head to any online market and check the prices and the reviews. There are tons of articles about these devices, you can even find some on this website. Usually, before I decide to buy something, I usually check for prices and reviews on But don’t take my word for granted. You can choose any other website that has multiple vendors and a system of reviews. Simple as that!

How much should I pay for a water filtration system?
The questions depends mainly on your needs and on your budget. Don’t haste to buy the first thing that you see. Establish what you need, how much many you can spend and what are the alternatives. Always have a second choice in case buying the first one should fail. I usually recommend systems that are priced around $150-$500, but you can buy one for thousands of dollars if you have the budget. You can also check our list containing top water filters on the market.

The importance of clean water

Water is an important element in every living being that’s on this planet. The human body is made of up 70% water. In developed societies people believe that tea, alcohol, different drinks may be suitable substitutes for natural clean water. Although those type of liquids may be fancy, they will only stress your body. It needs pure water to work at maximum capacity. Antonie de Saint-ExupĂ©ry said that water is the source of life. There are no words to express how important it is. Without it, every living thing on this planet will eventually die. The human body needs 2-2.5 liters of water per day. The body can create reserves for additional needs like hot days, physical work or for playing various sports. If you want to know if your body is getting enough water, you should check your urine. It will give you valuable information on your drinking habits. If the color of urine is dark yellow and it’s concentrated, it means that there is a lack of fluid in your body. If you drink just enough liquids, your urine will be light-colored and diluted.

The benefits of clean water
We are made of water, so it’s only natural to drink enough water that will replace the depleted (used) water in our body). This element is essential for our health, it helps digestion, it improves the physical and mental state, it helps in concentration. Most doctors recommend 8 glasses per day, aprox. 2 liters. It’s important to drink a glass of water when you wake up, and one before the most important meal of the day, in order to stimulate the cell production.

Other advantages: water regulates the body temperature, it transport nutrients and oxygen into cells, it moisturizes the air in the lungs, the joints and the skin. Water is the simplest and the best detoxifier for human organs. Since bones are made 22% of water, drinking enough water every day will protect and moisturizes your bone joints.

The importance of clean water
The quality of water we drink is very important to the condition of our body. In 1965, a French hydrologist called Louis Claude Vincent noticed for the first time a correlation between the chemical features of the water and the health condition of humans. According to the scientist, the true source of life is found in pure water. Since then, his opinion was backed by many experts. It is a known fact that in order get a proper detox for your body, you need to drink a lot of water that’s clean low on minerals. The energy and the measurable features of the water are influenced by the chemical processes of cleaning, fluoride and the water transport. The water pipe contains a lot of unwanted organisms and minuscule objects that will eventually enter your body and produce more damage than good. Fortunately, we live in an era where everything is affordable, even the water filtration systems for home usage. Most of these devices will remove the impurities found in tap water and will give you a clean water for you and your family.

Best Home Water Filtration Systems under $200

Let’s talk about cheap water filtration systems under $200! Every time you pour a glass of water from your tap water source, in your glass gets a large amount of bacteria, germs, impurities and traces of rust found in water pipes. Therefore, water filters are a necessity if you plan to drink clean and healthy water from your kitchen faucet. As I said in a previous post, there are many types of water filters for home usage, and you should not hurry and buy the cheapest one you can find. Take your time to check all the available options, read what other customers are saying about the product you want to buy, make sure the filtering percentage is high enough and make sure its warranty is longer enough. These are the best best home water filtration systems you can buy under $200.

Hydro-Logic Water Filtration System Reverse Osmosis

Hydro-Logic 31035 100-GPD Stealth-RO100 Reverse Osmosis Filter – $193

The reverse osmosis purifying systems are so reliable that they are used for industrial and commercial purposes, but there are also few devices that uses this technology for home usage. The Hydro-Logic 31035 represents the perfect choice for a home water purification. Its system forces water to pass in one direction through a thin semi-permeable membrane and again in the opposite direction, thereby filtering out the contaminants and impurities. The reverse osmosis filters are one of the best systems that you can invest in, and this device will clean up to 100-Gallon of water per day making it ultra-pure and 98-Percent free of chlorine and contaminants.

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure – $175

This filtering system uses 3 filtration stages (red, blue and purple) in order to provide you and your family with 99% pure water. The package features the complete setup, so there is no need to buy additional connectors or pipes. I also like the fact that the filters can be easily changed with a single push, so there is no need for you to pay for additional maintenance. According to most reviews, the Watts hose connectors are made of high quality materials, the system is super-easy to install and the resulting water has a great taste. You will find it under $150.

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System – $213

Although this system is right around the price limit of $200, it’s all about quality and convenience (edit: when this article was first written, its price was under $200). The packages contains a high quality air gap faucet, the reservoir and the 3-stage filtering system. The device is really easy to mount and you can replace the filters really easy. It will produce up to 50 gallons per day of clean water, removing over 99% of unwanted impurities and bacteria from it.


iSpring 75GPD 5-Stage – $158

They say you should always keep the best for last. The iSpring 75GPD water filter is definitely the best water filtration system to buy if you have a budget under $200. Everything about it is NSF certified (even the storage tank that’s included in the package). The system uses 5 stage reverse osmosis filtering (5 micron high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter, GAC Carbon Filter, CTO Carbon Filter, High Rejection 75GPD TFC reverse osmosis membrane, total Polishing Inline Carbon 10″) to clean the water, it is noise free and will purify 75 gallons of water per day. This system will remove over 40 harmful organic and inorganic elements from the tap water stream. The package also contains a luxury faucet (as seen in the image). According to other customers, this is definitely the best bang for the buck in its price range.

When you decide to get a home filtration system for water, you should first determine if you have enough space under/near the sink to mount it and determine the path of the water from the filter to your sink. No matter what type of filter you choose, make sure it is manufactured by a famous brand that you can trust and you can get warranty for it. Avoid obscure brands that sell cheap products! If you plan to purify the water from specific substances, make sure that the filtration system was designed for that, because each is specifically designed to retain different substances that may contaminate the water.

What are water filtration systems?

If you’ve had just enough of buying and carrying bottled water from your local hypermarket then you should know that there are filtration systems that will remove the impurities found in tap water at decent costs. Most of these devices called water filtration systems will transform the tap water into drinkable water, so you can forget about getting worried every time you take a sip of tap water.

What are water filtration systems?
These devices will remove impurities from water using any of these three methods: creating a fine physical barrier, using a biologic process or a chemical process. They are used for drinking water, for swimming poos or for irrigation purposes.

Before you decide to buy a water filtration system, you should know what to expect from it. The most common inconvenience of tap water is the iron, copper or aluminum found inside it. Old pluming systems, the poor filtration system of the water network or damages of the pipes can cause residues like lead, iron copper and aluminum to get in the water flow, right into our water glasses and from there in our bodies. If these elements accumulate into large quantities, they can cause poisoning, which may lead to skin disorders, bone diseases and can ultimately affect our sight. It is a known fact that prolonged exposure to the chlorine found in water can have serious consequences on our health since chlorine compounds are carcinogens. An additional water filter that’s easy to install can be purchased and installed on the kitchen faucet. It will remove the lead, copper and aluminum residues found in water, as well as the impurities of the pipe. Although doctors recommend such filters to be installed for people who have health problems (pregnant women, children, patients with diabetes or liver problems), anyone who understands the risks of having your organism bombed with these harmful elements should get such a filtration system. A doctor knows that it’s better to prevent than to treat any type of disease.

Water filtration systems types


Plant Filters for Water Treatment
These water filters include media filters, screen filters, disc filters, low speed sand filters, high speed sand filters and textile filters. They are used in large industrial plants that clean the water for an entire city, removing biological or chemical waste.


Home Water Filters for domestic use
There are several types of filters that can be used at home, including granular activated carbon filters (GAC), metal alloy water filters, ceramic water filters, carbon resins and ultrafiltration membranes. Some filter units use multiple filters at once (composite filter technology) while other systems include boiling filters to reduce the sludge and sediments.


Portable Water Filters
There are water systems that can be used outdoors in emergency situations by different organizations or by military. These water systems are small, lightweight and they are usually operated by a manual pump. Other such devices will filtrate the water using a dripping technology. These types of filters manage to remove bacteria, certain types of microorganisms and microbial cysts, all of which are dangerous to human health. They can also destroy viruses such as hepatitis A or rotavirus (depending on the type you choose to buy). These filtering systems include removable mesh filters that should be replaced from time to time, once they are obsolete. Even the ceramic portable water filters need to be changed when the inner surface gets glossy (it means it is loaded with impurities). These filters should not be confused with water purifiers.

Home Made Water Filtration System

Home Made Water Filters
Although I do not advise you to buy or use such filters, they exist and I have to include them in the list. They are usually made of materials like grass, carbon and sand and are used by soldiers or outdoor trip enthusiasts. Although these devices can be constructed at low costs, you have no guarantee that they actually work.